We wish that this gathering will be a joyful experience for all participants. Therefore it is important for us to strengthen our awareness of our own needs and boundaries as well as our respect for the needs and boundaries of others. We want to learn from each other, sensitize each other and question our own thinking and actions. Taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions enables us to play and explore freely and honestly. It allows us to really be ourselves.

Nevertheless, people can suddenly find themselves in unpleasant situations. As a community we want to support each other in dealing with hurtful experiences and conflicts.

That is why:

there will be an awareness team of three people who offer emotional support at the gathering. We will be giving an awareness workshop on Thursday and we have developed the following guideline. Please read it and take it seriously for the event:

„Do only what you really want! Take good care of yourself and your personal needs. Respect your own boundaries and those of others. You are free to leave exercises/group activities/workshops at any time and without explanation. If you need support – ask for it. Respect any verbal or non-verbal signs that mean „no“ when you are in contact. If you are not sure what someone likes, ask.“

Enjoy and discover!