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Our Vision

In short: The creation of a space where everyone is welcome and supported as a whole complex being.

So the following aspects have to be considered:


How well can you enjoy yourself at the point you are at the moment? And how do you support people around you?

Have you ever watched a young child exploring the world? The discovery of new things is one of the most moving states our mind can be in. Have you ever had the chance to observe a baby when it was learning to stand and walk? It’ll try again and again without being embarrassed of repeatedly falling over.
So we want to create a space or framework where the people that surround us support us. This allows the trust in the people around us to grow. We can put down the mask of daily life and let our whole being run free without fear. Therefore the activities will support the ability to enjoy yourself as you actually are at the moment, without a constant need to compare yourself to others or achieve something


Can you imagine a gathering where everyone contributes equally?

Community-Driven means that everybody present contributes something to make the gathering happen. We as participants are responsible for the appearance of the place, the spirit of the group, the daily content and soul of the gathering.
This also means that all the material and infrastructure onsite belongs to somebody who is willing to share it with you. These things are there to be used and enjoyed. To generate as much pleasure to individuals as possible. So use them in a way that they can bring joy to the next user as well.
Anyhow, things break. It is in the nature of everything that it can break at some point. So if something breaks while you use it, please inform the owner so he can fix or replace it before he needs it the next time. This is especially important for kitchen equipment and tools.

Intelligent organisation

Do you care about where your money comes from and how the things you consume or use get paid for?

With the Idea of a simple, self-supported gathering, with closed cycles, we consciously decided to not apply for sponsoring. Instead, we try to keep the money contribution as low as possible by intelligent organisation, based on cooperation, sharing and simplification.
In doing so, we are independent and are not required to have any annoying advertisements  =)
On one side, this is certainly a limitation.  But on the other hand, this limitation also makes us focus on the simple things. From this void, creativity and imagination rise again from their hideout where they find shelter from the stimuli of everyday life.


Have you ever asked yourself what the nutrition cycle of a particular vegetable or fruit looks like?

We push the boundaries of sustainability.
The electricity we use for the gathering comes from two Camper Vans which contain big batteries and solar panels. So we can say that it is a solar powered event.
Most of the food is organised locally and delivered in reusable containers. The participants bring their own cutlery and have the possibility to clean it after every meal. Almost all the material is reused or borrowed or creatively used . So we have an impressively small amount of garbage at the end of the week.
We are using composting Toilets. That means that we separate our poo and pee. The poo is dried with sawdust and therefore less bacteria, especially the smelly kind, develop. Microorganisms decompose it to soil to nurture trees with fruits or vegetables. So we close the circle of nutrition.

Are you still interested? You find the last part of the information with all the dates and details in this video:

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