Welcome 🙂 We are a small group of people organizing an event that we are really looking forward to.

Our Vision is to create a little World of Movement. A gathering of people who like to move and play, to share and exchange their passion. Each summer we meet in beautiful nature to create a playground together .

On this playground we meet new people and learn new perspectives. We get inspired by each others movement practices and give ourselves permission to fully dive into these playful experiences, to enjoy and to explore what arises in each single moment.

We wish to build a community during this gathering that supports our individual growth, allows us to be ourselves and gives us the chance to celebrate our love for movement together.

It is a community-driven event, where all participants give life to this one week gathering, depending on their personal potentials and passions.

From Monday onwards the Creation Team prepares the Area. Building beautiful infrastructure and making all the crazy and creative ideas for the playground a reality. They will already be starting to play and move and planting the first seeds of community life.

On Thursday everyone else joins, either as Workshop teacher or as part of the Kitchen power team. There will be time and space to exchange and share our passion for movement; to enjoy all the Workshops, Games, Jams and magic moments with each other.

Come with your enthusiasm and creativity and be part of this movement community at our gathering.

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Movement – Community – Nature


… brings us together.

We create a playground to exchange and explore movement.

Movement enthusiast from a big variety of discipline come together to cocreate a frame for sharing and celebrating their passion.

This gives us a space for inspiration and creative expression.

Beside movement on a physical level, we invite as well to be moved inside. Through the connection with your body and the support of the group it can open room to connect with your feelings and your inner processes.


… supports us.

Our Gathering is community-driven, which means that everybody participating contributes equally to make it happen. Either you help creating our playground during the “Creation-Days” or shape our daily content during the “Exchange-Days”. You can do so by sharing moving workshops and games, initiating Jams, performing during a Night-Session, preparing delicious plant based meals or realising another creative project you come up with for the community.

We focus on sharing with each other and on creating safe space for individual growth. Our Gathering shall be a space or framework where the people that surround us support us. All activities shall support the ability to enjoy yourself as you actually are at the moment, without a need to compare yourself to others or achieve something. Together we take responsibility that each individual feels free to show up fully and authentically.

Nature & Sustainabiliity

… our home and how we treat it.

Our spot is a nature reserve at a beautiful lake. To be surrounded by nature creates a very calm atmosphere and gives us the possibility to life a simple life during the gathering.
We appreciate those qualities as very important aspects of our gathering and that’s why we want to cultivate an corresponding attitude.

We push the boundaries of sustainability.

Most of the food is biologically produced and transported onsite in reusable containers. We organise fresh, seasonal products such as vegetables and fruits locally. We spontaneously foodsave products, which would be thrown as foodwaste otherwise. The food we consume is vegan during the entire week. The participants bring their own cutlery and clean it after every meal.

We urge people to come onsite with public transport. Our infrastructure and food transports are organized in a way to minimise distances.

Almost all the building materials onsite are borrowed and creatively reused. The electricity of our entire event comes from two camper vans with solar panels and large batteries.

The reeds (Schilf) in the lake and surrounding forests are full of wildlife. Animals are building their nests and growing their offspring right next to us. We show respect to these living beings who spend the entire year at this spot and try to not interfere with them. We limit our pathways through nature and reduce fires to the community fire place. We are aware of the interconnectedness of ecosystems in this fragile habitat. We are guests and behave like that.

We are using composting Toilets. This means that we separate our poo and pee. The poo is dried with sawdust and therefore less bacteria, especially the smelly kind, develop. Microorganisms decompose it to soil to nurture trees and plants. We close the circle of nutrition as well as possible and we can leave the premises tidy for the next guests as well as ourselves for the next event. We wash ourselves and our dishes with 100% biodegradable soaps.

We have produced an impressively small amount of garbage during the week. We limit trash where we can, we have reached the goal of less than 1kg trash per participant and week and would like to improve this even further. There are trash bins in the kitchen and near the camp area. After the event we collect all our trash and everything else we find laying around in the area.

Are you still interested? You find more information in this video. It is from last year so the dates and numbers are not up to date but you get a sense for the atmosphere and the organisation:

Do you want to be part of that?